January 11

Top Art Galleries Not to Miss When Staying in Canary Wharf, London

vcBarbican Avenue Gallery

The Barbican Avenue Gallery is home to some of the major exhibitions in London. This is a leading gallery which showcases masterpieces from international artists from around the world. The gallery provides a changing programme, making it a top choice to explore every time you visit the capital city.

The Barbican Avenue Gallery showcases fine art, photography and design. It is always advisable to phone in advance to confirm admission fees. The gallery is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 10am to 6pm and on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 9pm.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is ideally located in the popular and famous Trafalgar Square. This gallery is home to more than two thousand Western European masterpieces ranging from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. It is here where you can enjoy the beautiful fine art from Van Gogh and da Vinci, to name a few.

The National Gallery is set in a beautiful building with free admission. They are open seven days a week for added convenience from 10am to 6pm and from 10am to 9pm on Fridays.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is also located in Trafalgar Square and is home to the largest selection of portraits of famous people who shaped Britain over the years. They provide portraits from the Tudor times through to present day and have the largest collection of portraits. Here you can see Shakespeare, queens and kings. They also showcase a number of other exhibitions throughout the year.

This gallery is also home to a very popular rooftop restaurant. They are open seven days a week with free admission. Opening times is 10am to 6pm throughout the week, except for Friday which is 10am to 9pm.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts can be found in Piccadilly and dates back to 1768. This well-known art gallery provides you with a changing programme and some of the finest temporary exhibitions that you can enjoy every time you are in London. The prices vary depending on the exhibition currently taking place, so it is always worthwhile to get your hotel concierge service to confirm for you so you can identify if this is the right exhibition for you to see. They open throughout the week from 10am to 6pm, but offer extended opening times on a Friday from 10am to 10pm.

Somerset House

Somerset House is a spectacular building and even if you aren’t keen on art, visiting this building and soaking up the architecture is definitely worth the visit. The building has a large courtyard which is home to fifty-five fountains that dance their display throughout the summer months. During winter, the courtyard is home to an outdoor ice rink, which s a delight for the entire family.

In addition to the building, Somerset House is also home to a contemporary art display and they host a number of family workshops throughout the year. It is definitely worthwhile taking one of the free guided tours to learn as much as you can about this piece of British history.

Prices vary depending on the exhibition you want to explore and the opening times also vary, so it is worthwhile phoning in advance.

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