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How to Plan That Perfect Vacation to the Hill Station of Ooty

klHill stations are the best respite to a tiring long spell of monotonous schedule. It rejuvenates your body and soul giving you the breath of fresh air you have been long needing. India has a host pristine hill stations in the edges of all its boundaries. These hill stations are not located in the central region of the country but mostly along the edge of its boundary. Each region has its fair share of hill stations. One of the top hill stations in the southern region is the lovely hill station of Ooty. Ooty’s beauty has been spoken off far and wide and people visit this hill station from everywhere. Since the time of the British rule, to this day, Ooty has always been one of the most desired summer resort for India.

So what should you expect from Ooty? Well if you have been planning a vacation to this place since a long time, you will probably have an idea of what to expect and what to do during your time there, but there are many people who are clueless. The main tourist attractions of Ooty are listed down below for those people.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

This is one of the oldest gardens in the country and spreads over a massive area of around 55 acres. The botanical gardens are spread over six sections. The main attraction to this botanical gardens is the fascinating 20 million-year-old fossilized tree. Apart from this, there are various kinds of fauna found in this gardens from shrubs, flowers, and trees. If you time your visit during the month of May, you will get the opportunity to be a part of the flower festival.

Ooty race course

One of the oldest and most renowned race courses in India, the Ooty race course is still one of the most popular places in the country people come to witness horse racing and take part in a game of polo. The race course is 130 years old and to witness a race, you will have to time your visit between April and June.

Churches in Ooty

Not only do the houses and cottages in Ooty showcase the architectural influence of the British, even the big churches found in the hill station were all built by the British in their style of architecture. These churches and mini cathedrals were mostly built around the 1800s in Gothic architectural style. If you are a Christian you have more reasons to pay a visit to these places.

Take a scroll of all the surroundings!

Ooty is popular for its tea gardens. It is inevitable to catch a glimpse of the beautiful tea gardens as you walk by or drive by the town but make it a point to go into an actual plantation area and see how it feels like. It is truly something else! And later you can visit the Ooty Gymkhana Club where you will find a beautiful scenic space where you can just hang out or have a small picnic. The place also has an 18-hole golf course, restaurant, bar and many other indoor games as well.

So, after you have completed all of these, you can revisit the same places or try something else. Ooty, the small hill station will never cease to amaze you every step of the way!

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