February 27

Munnar: A Natural Lover’s Delight

y7What makes Munnar even more visually appealing is its locations. As Munnar is nestled between the meeting points of three mountain ranges of Kundala, Muthirapuzha and Nallathanni. Munnar also witness a beautiful phenomenon in which a certain type of flower species colors the town blue once in 12 years. Living in a metropolitan can be quite taxing on health and if you want to escape to the serenity, book Munnar tour packages from Chennai to have best of time. Here are some of the things you must try when in Munnar.

  1. Exploring the tea estates: Do you get lost in the sweet smell of tea when you zoom past a cafe in your city? If yes, exploring the tea estates is the best option for you as the smell of fresh tea plants resonates in your soul and stir the tea -tasting expert in you. Get lost in the scenes made famous by bollywood movies of women plucking tea leaves from on the field. The amount of greenery you will witness there will make you fall in love with nature all over again.
  2. Admire magnificent waterfalls: Situated at an altitude of 1,240 mts, Munnar has been gifted with a lots of stunning waterfalls. From Lakkam to Cheeyappara waterfalls, the view is so enigmatic that you will for sure be forced to extend your plans by a few days. The sight of water gushing through the mountains and the sound of nothing else but nature will inspire you to hold a pen in your hands and write poems even if you don’t like to so that.
  3. Meet the Nilgiri Tahr: If you love wildlife and like to see some rare animals, then Eravikulam National Park is the place for you as it houses exotic Nilgiri Tahr which is nearing extinction. Not only are they friendly but you can also go near them and pat them with all the love you have for the animals. A picture perfect animal, Nilgiri Tahr will surely leave you friends in envy when they will see you pictures on social media with them.
  4. Go trout fishing: If you love fishing and sitting closer to the lakes exploring the natural beauty of the place, then trout fishing at the Sita Devi Lake is the best option for you. The view from the point is brilliant and you can enjoy a session of fishing amidst nothing but peace and tranquility. Just drive 9 kms from Munnar to Devikulam and you can indulge in an experience that will make the trip even more memorable for you.

With so many natural activities to indulge in, one this is for sure that you will lose yourself in the nature and leave with an emotional connect with the place. Additionally, you can also try your hands at various adventurous activities like rock climbing, trekking and cycling when in Munnar. Although you can visit Munnar throughout the year the best season is from September to November and January to March. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your packages and get ready to leave your worries behind and have an unforgettable experience.

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February 27

Enjoy the Beach Life With Fun, Food, and Drinks in Brighton

fhhBrighton – the small fishing village in the England has become the favorite destination of tourists for a fun-filled holiday. This small town now can fascinate visitors with its beach life, vibrant culture, and night life. Restaurants, pubs, Café, and bars are also there to attract tourists. Apart from this, several events and water activities can make the vacation more entertaining and joyous.

You have everything to explore here – from natural beauty to cultural heritage, from beaches to art & history. Families and group of friends can make Brighton their destination for a fun holiday. You can spend hours, laying on the Brighton Beach. Beer, fish & chips, and the company of your beloved can compel you to stay on the beach for the whole day and night. While on the seaside, you have the Royal Pavilion to explore – the historical beauty in Brighton to take you back into the time of Prince Regent George 4.

A stroll around the Brighton Pier can make your day full of fun with several fun activities. You can also discover about the ancient history and art of this seaside city by visiting the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Toy Museum is also there to remind you the time of your childhood and if you have come on the trip with your kids, then your kids will enjoy at here. If you want to see the panoramic beauty of the city from the bird’s eye, then you should go Brighton Wheel.

A promenade across the beach can make your day more relaxing. Several restaurants, bars, shops, and live music are also available on the beachfront to fill your leisure walk with the hues of cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you are the shopping addict, then north lane has several independent shops on every street. You can wander for the whole day in the streets of main city and shop anything. Meanwhile, if you feel hungry, you can satiate your hungry belly with varieties of dishes.

Hopefully, you can find several restaurants in Brighton that can serve you the varieties of food from various regions. This is the city where you find worldwide varieties of food to taste- from Malaysian-Indonesian to Indian, Japanese to Chinese, French to Italian, and several others. You can also give a try to the famous seafood of Brighton while on the other side, organic and vegan food is also there to serve you the purity in your meal at best.

You can easily search a restaurant here as they are huge in the count. But, you should select the eatery with proper research. You should concern the hygiene and quality of food first, later you can focus on the services, location, and environment.

You can check the reviews online for best restaurants in Brighton. But, always rely on the reviews of genuine websites, such as TripAdvisor and OpenTable. You can ask to locales also for the good restaurants, as per your requirement and budget. You can find every type of eateries here for a budget lunch and an elegant dinner. So, if you want to celebrate your vacation on the fullest and food is your weakness, then don’t waste time in the searching and plan your vacation trip for the Brighton.

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February 22

Discovering Mojacar: Land of Enchantment

xhI’m from South America, I speak English and Spanish, I lived a while in Tampa (USA), and came to Mojacar 17 years ago to never leave.

As a citizen of Mojacar, I see people arriving each year from many countries with the intention to retire here or start a new life either alone or with their families, working for others or opening their own businesses. Many do very well, others have problems or adjustment difficulties due to the lack of information they had about Mojacar before coming.

Keep in mind that Spain has a unique, singular and own culture, and should never be compared with the country of origin, because all you get is to see everything black. You have to go to Spain with an open mind and a readiness to integrate into a lively and rich culture in all aspects.

From my point of view, the crisis has affected the standard of living in Spain, especially in big cities, however, in terms of quality of life, I do not know any better country than Spain to live in, and I’ve traveled a lot. Mojacar is safe, as almost every small town in Spain.

– Mojacar is easy to live at,

– Mojacar has a healthy weather, Mojacar is very affordable,

– Mojacar has a good transportation system and offers a 70% discount for elderly people over 65 years old,


– Mojacar, as the rest of Spain offers free health attention and treatments for citizens and residents.

What is it that makes Mojacar so special?

To answer this question, I must expose some facts:

– Mojacar Is located at the east of the province of Almeria. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, its waters are calm and warm and plenty of sandy beaches. Mojacar has two urban centers: the beach, with 17 km long, and the village at 1.8 km from the beach towards the mountain. You can choose to live in either of those.

With a population of 7,000 inhabitants Mojacar is located at 37 ° 08 ‘north latitude and 1º 51’ west longitude. The houses are facing south-east, cardinal points that offer the most favorable conditions due to the greater permanence of the sun, providing more light and better temperatures. In Mojacar there are 3,600 hours of sunlight per year.

– The average winter temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

– Mojacar Is multicultural: around 30 nationalities are registered in the municipal census. Almost 40% of people living in Mojacar are from the UK.

– Its landscape consists of rugged and eroded peaks of Sierra Cabrera, where springs abound; its hillsides, with terracing and arable land; and the coast, with its beaches and coves. I must say that Mojacar is in a semi-desert area near the largest desert in Europe (Taverns), so the vegetation is low, there are not enormous trees or forests. This is something that many people love, but others, accustomed to other climates, do not support. I love it!

– Mojacar Is a typical mediterranean “white village”, where the construction of buildings over 3 levels are not allowed, and since January 2013, Mojacar is part of the network’s most beautiful villages in Spain.

– Mojacar Is 90 km from the capital of the province (Almeria) and 150 km from the capital of neighboring province (Murcia). This keeps it in a rural setting with basic services and away from the bustle of cities. The closest airport is located at 70 km from Mojacar. The Health Center offers primary care and there is a Regional Hospital 25 km in the neighboring town of Huercal-Overa. If you are registered as a formal resident or citizen, then health attention and treatments are totally free, and medicines are set at a ridiculous cheap price. Mojacar has no superstores or fast food franchises or branded clothing big shops. The shops are small but very nice.

– The main source of income is summer tourism, the winter months are quiet and sedate. In fact, many businesses closed during the winter months to reopen when the tourist season starts again, which runs from April to September.

And here we stop with the “data”, now let’s talk about how people live in Mojacar.

Mojacar jobs are scarce during the winter and that makes many young people have to leave during the winter months to seek work in other provinces. This also happens because the shops are small and do not need employees during the winter. The average wage in the service sector is 1,200 euros per month during the high season, and 900 euros in the winter months. Although there are many 4 star hotels, some close in winter due to lack of tourism.

The best businesses to run in Mojacar are B&B’s that are easily managed online and restaurants of “tapas” (we’ll talk about the “tapas” below). Also small shops like “gourmet” stores are very successful. Restaurants, services related to food suppliers, cheap bazaars, hardware stores and anything related to agriculture and livestock work basically in winter. Organic products are highly demanded.

For people who seek to live in a rural setting, Mojacar is ideal. The business of snail farms is also booming due to low costs and high profits. In Spain thousands of kilos of snails per year are consumed, and domestic production is low, so it is a perfect business for a place like Mojacar.

Because of its climate, Mojacar crops from almost anything are successful, the most profitable are vegetables, aloe vera, stevia, moringa and vetiver.

Livestock is based on raising goats and sheep, rabbits, pigs and chickens. The goatherd job still exists and goats and sheep graze freely on the fields guided by the goatherd and his dogs and then return to the pens at nightfall. This makes it very common to see hundreds of animals crossing the road, and sometimes we have to wait…

Professional and official translators, mainly English, German, Chinese, Romanian, French, Italian and Russian are highly requested. Also dentists, physiotherapists, decorators, bricklayers, plumbers, gardeners and especially electricians are needed. Electricity power runs at 220V.

ADSL Internet is about 8 Mb (yes, 8 MB!) but can perfectly maintain a business online at that speed. For example, I live in the mountains, navigate at 2.5 Mb and I do good…

As for housing, renting a duplex with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the beach is around 400-500 euros per month. Sometimes it is difficult to find a rental, because people prefer to rent homes only in the summer to double or triple the price and enjoy them on the winter months, but you can always find something. The best thing is word of mouth, because the realtors charge a lot of money in commissions, so it’s better to ask for housing at the bazaar, the bar, the supermarket or at the cigarettes store.

If you want to buy a property, get good advice, as there are many “illegal” homes. Mojacar protects its territory by coastal laws, and not every piece of land is developable. The problem of buying an illegal house built on undeveloped land, is that the city can give a demolition order and you can lose everything. Be very careful with unscrupulous real estate agents. It is best to go to the Land Registry and check that the house we want to buy is in order. It is a simple procedure, but many foreigners do not know it and fall into the trap. The price of a duplex with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the beach is around 150,000-200,000 euros depending on the area.

Social life in Mojacar is easy if you like going out. There are various leisure activities for all ages: adventure, quads, cycling and motorcycling clubs, archery, fishing, bocce club, bowling, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, sailing, kayaking, diving… and of course, “tapas” bars!

The “tapa” is a small portion of food that is given away every time you order a drink. There is a culture around tapas and a real competition to see which bar makes the best tapas. We go to a tapas bar usually for an aperitif before lunch or dinner. It is also a social act. When a group of friends get together, they usually go for tapas and a pleasant chat.

The schedules are different in Spain… and very different!

In Spain, shops open at 10:00 and close at 14:00. Between 14:30 and 16:30 people eat and sleep the famous “siesta”. Shops reopen again at 17:00 and close at 21:00. We work eight hours like everyone else, but we don´t wake up early and we sleep for a while after eating. This schedule is often difficult for foreigners, they do not understand the importance of rest in Spain. With this type of schedule, you have plenty of time to go to the bank in the morning or if you want to go a “churros” breakfast before working. The churros are delicious dipped in chocolate or coffee. They are fried dough sticks with sugar and are the National Breakfast! Then when we finish work at 14:00, we have time for tapas, eat, sleep or even go to the beach for a flash swim. And at night, we can have a few beers after work with friends or dine quietly at home. That’s what I call Quality of Life.

Mojacar: sun and light, sea and beaches, mountains, clean air, quiet, rural life, fine dining, great weather, leisure, culture and fun. What more could you ask for?

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February 22

Trance in The Valley of The Sun

vvdPhoenix Overview

Luscious scenery, gorgeous architecture and alluring greenery are some of the features of the capital city of the U.S. state of Arizona, Phoenix. With a population of over 1.5 million residents, the stunning city is the sixth most populous city in the country and also the most populous state capital. It also happens to be the only state capital in the nation with over a population of a million.

To make your trip to the beauteous city even more savoring, you can try and find some cheap airline tickets to Phoenix.

Top Tourist Points to explore in Phoenix

The charming city of Phoenix offers such wide range of points of interests that almost everybody can find something to their admiration. The art and history buffs will find a lot to their delight with numerous affluent spots in offerings such as Musical Instrument Museum, Heard Museum, Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Phoenix Art Museum, Wrigley Mansion, Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting, Wells Fargo History Museum and Orpheum Theater.

The nature romantics can adore the enticing scenes with Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain, South Mountain Park, Piestewa Peak, Papago Park, Hole in the Rock, Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area, Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Japanese Friendship Garden.

The baseball lovers can witness some of the best high octane professional ball game at the Chase Field, home to the state’s Major League Baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. The wildlife adorers can find a lot their bliss with some of the most beautiful species of fauna at the Phoenix Zoo. The science nerds will find a lot to discover at the Arizona Science Center. St. Mary’s Basilica is a must visit for the sacred and religious. The bookworms can spend some quality time uncovering the Burton Barr Central Library.

The drama and theater admirers can savor some of the most stellar display of dramatic arts with Carnival of Illusion, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix Symphony, Herberger Theater Center, Ak-Chin Pavilion and AMC Esplanade 14.

For the shopaholics, Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, Outlets at Anthem, Biltmore Fashion Park, Chinese Cultural Center, Phoenix Public Market and Paradise Valley Mall are the ideal destinations.

For the party animals, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour, Alice Cooper’s Town, Stand Up Live, Char’s Has the Blues, Durant’s and The Tempe Improv are the perfect spots to spend some happening nights. The gourmets can relish some of the best mouthwatering meals in the city with Rusconi’s American Kitchen, Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana – Phoenix, Fuego Bistro, Different Pointe of View at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, Bobby Q and Chelsea’s Kitchen.

You can find cheap flights to Phoenix almost year round.

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February 12

A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Non-Veg Restaurants in Ahmedabad

hyaIf you are someone flying down to Ahmedabad for the first time, from the northern part of India, or abroad, and are a hopeless non-veg foodie, then do not just go by what everyone says about this city.

Ahmedabad, definitely has the right and joyful options where you can dig in your favourite kebabs and biryanis, with the perfect taste, and feel. Read ahead to know where —

1. La Bella

Although a sorry-looking eatery, La Bella holds some charming astonishments for you. Stroll down the Old City streets to reach La Bella, which is owned and run by the stunning, old Ms Lobo. Pork Chilly Fry, Chicken Curry, Mutton, Fish Fry, etc. embellish the menu here. The cook cum partner of Ms Lobo, Anna, will announce proudly of this menu in a single breath. You can’t have enough of what Anna and La Bella will dole out for you here, so take enough money for repeated orders. Also, carry paper money only, since La Bella doesn’t acknowledge card payments, for this spot has great food offerings sans any ornamentations, like you find in the normal restaurants these days. Undoubtedly, this diner will be one of the loveliest places that you’ll remember always. JUst make sure that you reach this spot before 7:30 pm or you’d probably end up waiting in the waiting list, watching other foodies gobble up the yummy treats of La Bella. A dinner for one costs somewhere around INR 50 and INR 200. No, this isn’t a dream!

2. Amdos Kitchen

Owned and run by Mr. Amdo, Amdos is a little and quaint eatery with a conventional setting, with its roots back in Tibet. In spite of the fact that this restaurant gives you not very many choices, everything on the menu here is sufficiently only for curbing those mid-meal hunger pangs, that require some snacking. Yummy snacking, rather! And yes, a meal for two would cost approximately INR 300. Hog, hog!

3. Khamasa

Located near the Jamalpur Bridge, Khamasa is another well-known point that is known amongst the best eating spots in the Old City of Ahmedabad. Despite the fact that this place has a rather ragged, old and exhausted visage, the four primary restaurants here dole out some of the best, crunchiest non veg dishes in the entire city. All the four have their own particular specializations such as egg, chicken and meat. Hanifbhai is one of the well-known eating joints at Khamasa, famous amongst the local people and tourists alike. A feast for two costs between INR 150 and INR 200 at Khamasa. Eat your heart out. Not literally, buddy!

4. Bhatiyar Galli

Truly a heaven for meat lovers, this entire lane is the best answer for a non veg lover’s yearnings. Sizzling, straight out of the tandoor, this lane offers succulent kebabs as well as for the astonishing chutney, that is beyond words to express, along with a squirt of lemon and some rings of onion! Give that perfect finishing touch to your entire treat with a glass or two of Lemon Chai or Suleimani Chai. Drooling, already?

After reading about these non vegetarian eateries in Ahmedabad, surely, some of the crazy foodies would flock to this city at an instant. Wait no more!

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February 12

Emmett, Idaho – Valley of Plenty

fttEmmett, Idaho is located a short 30-40 minute drive from Boise up Hwy 16 and is a perfect place to settle down for folks looking for that easy going Idaho way of life, yet still want to be close to all the action in the greater Boise area.

Officially incorporated in 1900, Emmett has grown to a community of approximately 6500 people. Thanks to a number of irrigation projects and the railroad’s presence, the area became a center for farming and fruit growing around the turn of the 20th Century. And while that industry has struggled to compete with larger agricultural operations in neighboring parts of the northwest, the history remains, as do a number of smaller orchards and farms.

Emmett homes for sale range from quaint little single-family residences in quiet neighborhoods to sprawling ranches with plenty of room for all the animals. You will find fruit trees in the yards of many Emmett homes for sale since orchards once flourished in the area, which was aptly named the “The Valley of Plenty” by more than a few locals. This name dates back to the early 1900’s when fruit packers labeled the area “Gem of Plenty” because of the land’s fertile ground.

Emmett, Idaho plays host to a number of truly Idaho events, such as their annual Cherry Festival in mid-June and the Harvest Festival & Street Fair typically held in early October. Take one walk through town admiring the Emmett homes for sale and you’ll begin to realize why so many people find value in the lifestyle here!

The Payette River meanders through the community and provides ample watersports activities on nearby Black Canyon Reservoir – a stretch of the Payette River that has been dammed for recreation purposes, as well as to manage water for agricultural resources downstream.

The foothills and mountains surrounding Emmett make for some great hiking and hunting areas and there are two Wildlife Management Areas within a 15 minute drive from Emmett. These areas abound with wildlife, from pheasants to deer, and are just one example of the great access to public lands Idahoans enjoy on a regular basis!

Emmett, Idaho is a great place to live, work and play. You’ll find that many Emmett homes for sale provide convenient access to outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding and even watersports on the Black Canyon Reservoir. Plus you’ll find great value in Emmett homes for sale, from great starter homes in the mid-$100K’s to semi-custom 2000+ square foot homes in the mid-$200K’s. You can also find some beautiful ranch properties and land to build on if that’s your goal!

While Emmett is close to the greater Boise area, many people do not realize just how easy the access is. Highway 16 is a state maintained highway that connects the greater Boise area to Emmett; And there are plans to extend Hwy 16 all the way to connect with Interstate 84. Despite the close proximity to Boise, the area of Emmett remains a rural community, but has an exceptional amount of local amenities, including the Emmett Medical Center & Urgent Care (aka Valor Health). And for many people who want to be close to a major city like Boise, but seek the country lifestyle and serenity of being surrounded by the outdoors, Emmett is the perfect place!

Whether you’re looking for your next place to settle down, or simply want to find a new part of Idaho to explore – Emmett has something for you! Take the time to plan your next outing to Emmett, Idaho and you’re certain to find “The Valley of Plenty.”

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